The Evolution of Digital Comics

We can only thank those who worked really hard to transform the traditional comics we all love and bring them into a digital platform. With their hard work, we continue to enjoy comics and everything looks better this time.

Webtoons are two-dimensional illustrations combining text and animation. They help bring comics to a whole new level. Due to the rising popularity of webtoons, full-time authors are now earning up to $80,000 a month on average.

Webtoons are unique in a sense that they can still give you the classic feel of reading a comic book but at the same time, the illustrations look better and sound effects are available. However, they are also not in a video format.

The overall experience is different from what you used to have. This is also the reason why webtoons are becoming more popular in recent years. The entire concept started in Asia. South Korea launched webtoons in as early as 2003.

Even if the content is mostly related to Asians, the appeal is worldwide. In North and South America, the readership rose to double digits in terms of percentage for the last couple of years. Based on this trend, the number will continue to grow.

There is a lot of work behind the success of webtoons. Hopefully, this tradition will survive the new generation as more people start appreciating them.

If you are curious to know more about the evolution of digital comics and how they have remained relevant despite changes in technology, check the infographics below.

The Evolution of Digital Comics