The Anatomy Of A Perfect Instagram

The Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram | The Blog Market


Also something I like about the photo above is the focal point. You should always have a focal point of some sort. Don’t take this too literally – sometimes you have a close up of 5 peonies and one doesn’t necessarily stand out over the others. But this keeps your photo interesting, it’s what you want people to look at. While some people are more minimal, I usually choose a focal point and surround it with pretty accents.


Those accents I was referring to? They can help balance out a shot. In the photo below I wanted to focus on that 8×10 print, but brought in my marble tile on the left to achieve this. Sometimes you’ll take a shot and after reviewing, something just looks off. This is usually balance, and a little rearranging will restore it.

The Anatomy of a Perfect Instagram | The Blog Market


I have to be honest and say that some photos perform simply because the subject is trending! Who doesn’t like handlettering, marble backdrops, and plants? Personally, I don’t put things in Insta photos just because I think people will ‘like’ it, but if there’s a trend I really AM on board with (hello, peonies), I’m not opposed to throwing it in a few extra shots 🙂


Whether or not you post this story in your captions, I believe it makes you a better photographer. If you decide to post only photos that have meaning to you, it will help you decide on the best ones to post. This automatically curates your feed, making it more desirable. When it comes to captions, I usually take the less is more approach. If I’m posting something simply because it’s inspiring or pretty, I don’t need to say much about it. But if something does have a story that I feel compelled to tell or that I think would resonante, I don’t mind posting a long caption. I don’t know about everyone else, but I prefer to follow accounts who balance the story. Too many drawn out captions on simple photos feel a bit insincere to me, but never posting enough info can be just as frustrating! Up to you!


If you’ve got products in your photos, why not tag the brand in them? If you’re sharing a place you recently visited, you could tag the location (above the photo). Like hashtags, these tags help you get noticed. And of course, hashtags will help the photo pop up in search – in fact, it’s the main way people will find your account. In my opinion, there’s never a reason not to post *relevant* hashtags. So many pretty, well thought out Instagram posts go unnoticed because no one can find them.