"Content builds relationships.

Relationships are built on trust.

Trust drives revenue"


The content on a website presents a roadmap for a user to use to navigate after landing on the site. Today, brands and marketing agencies are finding it difficult to convince customers due to the presence of substitute goods and the constantly changing consumer preferences. Force-fed marketing techniques have become obsolete, and consumers seek real-time solutions to their problems. Clients need an integrated marketing service that creates, distributes and promotes content that connects, resonates and motivates consumers to take action.


  • We are professional in our services; we will ensure that only quality content is presented on your website.
  • We thoroughly research your brand, services, objectives and create tailor-made content that effectively communicates your vision.
  • We analyze your market niche, identify your competitors and create strategies to ensure that your content is superior to your competition.
  • Our knowledge of search engine optimization and our expertise in creating Ads in search engines guarantees that clients will land on your website.
  • We understand that your website is your greatest asset when it comes to online trading. We work fast and efficiently to deliver your content.
  • As our client, we will provide a team of dedicate writers. You will have full access to them and issue direct instructions. You have the right to choose the tone of your content and develop personas of your target market. Our content will be made available for review before being posted online.

Effects of Content Marketing on the Business

Marketing researchers have concluded that companies involved in blogging have 97% more traffic through marketing clicks than those that don’t blog. Furthermore, Content Marketing is the second most effective online marketing tactic after Email Marketing. It generates three times as many leads and is far more affordable than traditional marketing.

How do you maintain quality content on your website?

You no longer need to worry about the quality of content on your website because ETREND has a solution for you. We provide SEO articles on time and at economical rates. Effective content must be engaging to clients and must address their concerns. Search engine optimization is an essential technique that directs potential buyers to your website. Additionally, ETREND confidently offers our clients writing services that is not only professional but also effective.

To ensure quality, we consider three factors.

The right balance between quality and quantity.

A lot of marketers focus on sheer volume and neglect quality. Many brands overlook market approach strategies and make assumptions that clients know where to find the correct information. Having the right amount of quality information is vital to the success of the marketing campaign. We use SEO tools to identify the market segment and ensure that we deliver the right amount of quality information.

Build Your Brand

Your website is your brand; your content is your voice. Our integrated strategies work to enhance the credibility of the information in your site. We will create useful content that speaks to your audience. With engaging content, you’ll be able to cement your place on the internet as a reputable source of information.

Engage Your Audience

An excellent marketing strategy prompts action. Customers seek factual information; they are attracted to brands that value their opinion and make adjustments to fit them. Our strategy team will deliver content that interacts with customers and creates loyalty, generates a powerful social signal and drives traffic to your website.