“Never let your ads write checks that

your website can’t cash.”

Services include campaign build-outs, competitive analysis, keyword research and provide an expert analysis to launch or revamp your PPC campaign to grow your business.

What is PPC?

Pay per click is an online marketing strategy used by sellers to increase the conversion of clicks to actual buys. The advertisers pay a set fee for each click on their advertised links. It is used by sellers to direct clients to their website in a bid to make them potential buyers. PPC is mostly practiced through search engine marketing and placed in popular websites.

How Does It Affect Your Business?

64% of people looking for goods and service online click on search engine ads. 50% of buyers who end up on a retailer’s website through paid ads are more likely to buy than those who use organic links. Online marketing has become more popular especially with the increased competition for online ad space and the changing customer preference. Even though you might have designed an excellent website, you need to direct potential buyers to the website.

At ETREND, we possess the skills and ability to create advertising campaigns in Google Adwords, Bing Ads and social platforms such as Facebook. We structure your paid account right from scratch and take accountability. Our company is partnered with Google, and each member of our team is certified by both Bing and Google. This means that your business will have an upper hand in Google’s Adwords and beta programs.

PPC services offered by ETREND

Comprehensive Keyword Research – Keywords affect the traffic to the website during search. We ensure that the right keywords are included in your website by researching keywords first and foremost and monitoring your site.

Ads Creation- we will create ads that will captivate the interest of potential clients and promote your goods and services.

Landing Page Optimization – After clicking an ad, the first impression created by the website affects buyers’ decision. We will set up and optimize the landing page specifically designed for your products or services.

Comparison of Ads – We will compare you Ads with other Ads to determine their effectiveness. This allows us to make the necessary adjustments.

Set Up Mini  Campaigns – we will set up Ads that target specific geographical and demographic niche such as your city, county, state, etc., to ensure that the Ads attracts the right customer.

To achieve effective PPC Ads, ETREND considers five factors:

The Audience

Targeting the right niche in the market is the key to converting clicks to buys. We will define your market segment and get an insight of the interaction between buyers and your website. We will view the website from a customer’s perspective and uncover the information that clients seek to make purchases.

Customer Experience

Not everybody gets the answers they want from search engines. There are billions of ads on the internet competing for the same clients. We will customize your Ads to perform in high capacity allowing you to reach the potential client and achieving a good conversion rate.


Ads cannot be placed on the internet without a strategy. Our strategies aim to drive conversions. Washington Post reports consumers spend 9 hours a day consuming media and ads. This translates to countless opportunities to target the audience you want and convert them into buyers. We constantly test the online marketplace and optimize your ads to appear before the buyers you want to target. 


Paid ads cost dollars. Our primary objective is to use your ad budget to make smart investments that produce returns. Our implementation is a process that involves a series of steps and adjustments. We keep our eyes on the objective and use our partnership with Google to gain access to better deals for your ads. We will also design ads to fit the audience and character of different social platforms.

Constant Analysis

Through continual data collection and processing, we measure your website’s performance before and after PPC campaigns. We use periodic analysis and reporting to survey future performance. We adjust your campaign based on feedback to maintain effectiveness and achieve ultimate success.