"Customer service is a spectator sport, now.

It’s not just about the aggrieved consumer; it’s about the legions of spectators looking on from the sidelines."

Restaurant Marketing in a Digital World… We are your recipe for success.

Restaurant owners have a huge opportunity to grow their business across a variety of digital marketing channels — and that’s why they probably use one or two of them, maybe even a lot of them if they’re excited about the returns they’re already seeing.

ETREND has a team of restaurant marketing experts who rose through the ranks of the restaurant industry. We have a solid track record of restaurant marketing throughout the country.

We can strategically and aggressively target your clientele in your market. Old fashion marketing tactics aren’t efficient, can be very costly, and impossible to measure in this day and age. We can setup and implement systems that will show results. For the past ten years, we have been collecting vital data on the food and beverage (restaurant) industry to enable you to craft the best strategy for your business.


If you own a restaurant and you do not have an online presence, you are behind your competition. No matter your cuisine, size or specialty, your restaurant needs an online footprint. Your customers discover the next restaurant they want to try on Google, on Facebook, on Instagram. Your restaurant needs to have a presence on these digital channels to attract potential customers and give them reasons why their next trip should be to your restaurant.

Think of your restaurant like your website. It is not good enough just to have good food. A restaurant is made up of different elements like having a nice interior, comfortable seating, professional service. Your website is no different. How is your website going to compete? What elements will make it stand out?

At ETREND, we ensure you have as much of an online presence as possible. With us, you will always be in the lead on online marketing. Our VP and Chief Marketing Officer Michael Stein has 10+ years of experience in hospitality and restaurant marketing, brand development and consulting. We focus our digital strategy in the areas where your restaurant business can thrive using online marketing, like mobile and email marketing, social media strategy and digital campaigns.

When dealing with restaurant marketing, our goal is to see you achieve more from our partnership. We will use all available marketing tools, among them Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SMS, email and mobile campaigns. If you want an app for your business, we will find you the best developer. We’ll also help you with improving the effectiveness of your website, in-venue digital signage and loyalty programs.

ETREND Matters Because…

Of all internet searches, 37% are carried out in mobile phones according to ClickZ.
A whole 74% of the users of the Internet perform local searches account to the Kesley Group. Better yet, of the local searches, 61% result in a purchase basing on information from Search Engine Watch. According to TMP/comScore, of all the local searches, 82% of them are followed up with an offline purchase, phone call or a visit to the store.

On a monthly basis, Google helps 59% of consumers to track down local businesses with a good reputation according to Search Engine Watch.

With ETREND on your side, you have the capacity to capitalize on these promising figures.

Benefits of Local Search

Location, location, location… That is the oldest motto in the business and it still applies to the internet. Who sees you, how they perceive you, and where they see you. What good is it for someone to see you 50 miles away?

We can help you with citation building to ensure that your business appears on the very first page of the search results when a potential customer makes a local search. Do not be the restaurant that is ranked even below other businesses in other industries. With the right citations, the right customers will be directed to your business each time they make a local search. The right citations put your business in the right category rather than bundling it with irrelevant businesses. All these benefits immensely contribute to your return on equity.