"Introducing ETREND TALENT,

the future of personal branding"


Built on the fundamentals of what use to be “Reputation Management” that concept no longer works. We take a proactive, 2017 approach to putting the right content and information in the right places. We create, produce, and distribute premium content at scale for emerging and established personalities.

We deliver a 2017 blueprint on how to build awareness and equity around your passions, stories, and skills in a way that elevates the demand and size of future business opportunities.

Put the internet on your terms.


One of the things that we think is a really good idea in business is to scratch your own itch and scale from there. Over the last year, we have been really serious about testing a thesis: the mobile device is becoming the television and the television is becoming the radio. ETREND TALENT is our move into a whitespace that we believe exists for people who are trying to build businesses around their personal brands and the stories they want to tell.

ETREND TALENT is taking advantage of what we see as a fragmented marketplace between public relations, social media managers, and production companies. We achieve this by replicating what we have been able to do successfully around our brands and for our clients. We have built a team around us who can attack those marketplace fragments by scaling our time and ability to produce and distribute content strategically.ETREND TALENT is able to produce content at scale for established and emerging talent. We create meaningful pieces of content and enormous amounts of social content for those clients who are extremely

ETREND TALENT is able to produce content at scale for established and emerging talent. We create meaningful pieces of content and enormous amounts of social content for those clients who are extremely busy, but find the value in making an investment in building their personal businesses.

How is this different from the Representation Management or PR that some talent already has?

ETREND TALENT does not eliminate the role of a talent agent or manager. While we don’t think it eliminates a PR person either, we do think it puts more pressure on traditional PR and “junior talent” in the social media realm to justify their value prop to a professional or emerging talent. It also goes after amateur startups as this grants the power of an established, proven agency more than anything else.

Why is now the right time for the market?

We think there is enough scale for individuals to go direct-to-consumer. You used to need a production company and a television network and agents and PR people to say “hello” to the world. That world has changed and we think we’ve got the right ingredients to help those individuals who want to take advantage of the opportunity.

Who should be interested?

Anybody who isn’t one of the 20 biggest in their industry today should take a very deep look at working with us because it brings a lot of value. After a few months of work, ETREND TALENT could elevate the demand and size of the opportunities that our client gets. (Think placements, speaking fees, collaborations, and book deals.)

This product is also for the business-driven person who can afford the financial investment, has a talent or skill in a niche, and wants to become the biggest or one of the biggest names within that industry.

What can clients expect to receive?

Our clients can expect a full 2017 blueprint on how to build awareness around their talents, passions, stories, and skills that creates endless business opportunities. Clients can also expect signature pieces of pillar content, enormous amounts of quality written, video, and image content combined with social growth strategies, analytics, and insights for the most relevant platforms and audiences. Over a period of time, this will build enormous leverage for much bigger financial upside in the ways to monetize a personality. This can include anything from selling merchandise to networking new business opportunities.

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