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Content is king. When looking at what creates a successful digital marketing strategy for brands and etailers, it boils a lot to content, and of course, its distribution.

Let’s take a look at what type of content is driving traffic and links to these e-commerce-based brands really moving the needle in their traffic. This type of content can either serve to educate or sell. It can be at any part of the funnel, but you do need winning content that at some part of the funnel.


casper content digital marketing strategy

In this piece of content, “Mattress Sizes & Dimensions: Which Bed Size Is Right For You?“, the mattress retailer is creating a piece of content to educate consumers who are searching for the right bed size. The content is not as detailed as one may think but simple enough to create a good guide to educate a consumer and create a top or mid funnel process to put the consumer through.

CHEWY: Blog Post (FAQ)

chewy cat content digital marketing

Chewys BeChewy site is used as a way to really educate consumers and getting them into a top to medium funnel. This is a blog post that gets an incredible amount of traffic through organic search as it’s detailed guide on how much to feed a cat. This type of content creates an authoritative voice for consumers landing on these pages. FAQ content is incredibly powerful for SEO and other channel distribution.

Your customer support team can be a great source of FAQ topics as well to create a lengthy FAQ when it comes to products on your website, as well as customer reviews!

ETSY: Event-Based Content

Etsy digital marketing content event based

Event-based content is powerful for an etailer. While this can be categorized as a guide, it is one of the higher traffic pages Etsy had this year. Creating a thematic page around an event, holiday, etc, creates a different experience for consumers looking to shop for a specific time of the year such as Fathers Day.

HOMEDEPOT: How-To Content

homedepot how to content

How-to content is extremely powerful. This is content that is sought out by almost every consumer when figuring out either how to choose something, how to put it together, etc. Incredible top-mid funnel content, especially when in video format as has a whole dedicated video section for this content. See here.