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Whether you’re operating on behalf of a company or yourself, YouTube (video) is a key element of any digital marketing strategy. Out of successful Youtube channels have some very successful businesses, celebrities, etc. Having a video strategy can truly help scale your traffic, business, and brand. So, let’s go over the principles you need to build a successful Youtube channel.

  1. PRESS RECORD: The #1 killer of a video strategy is actually not starting it. Whether creating video of a product is being done through you or anyone else, JUST START. Start filming anything and it’s all about momentum. I understand if you want to keep a certain brand perspective and want quality, but what will hold you back is actually stalling. It’s important to start recording to start getting (feeling,) comfortable with filming. If you’re planning on not being in your own videos and have the budget to pay for videos, use sites like Fivver or UpWork to hire freelancers to help you create content.
  2. TAKES PASSION, VISION, AND AMBITION: I can tell you it takes a lot of effort to get a Youtube channel going. If you’re consistent, the pay off is big. If you’re not, your channel will have a slow death and won’t do well as Youtube ranks fresh content and channels it sees have action. If you (or your business) are not passionate about the channel and creating video, it wont last. If you don’t have a vision for what you want the content to be, look like, etc, it wont last. And lastly, if you don’t have the ambition to really be consistent with content and want to create content of value, it wont last.
  3. CREATE VALUE: This principle is imperative, I can’t stress that enough. It’s quite simple and you’ve probably heard this many times. CREATE VALUE. If you’re not delivering something of value to someone viewing your videos, chances are it won’t do well. Youtube’s algorithm is all about engagement that comes down to views, likes (or dislikes,) and comments. If you’re not delivering value, you probably won’t get the engagement and a high bounce rate. Answer these questions when preparing to create a video. “Will this information really help the person who will see it or at least entertain them?” If the answer is yes, go for it.
  4. GIVE THE VIEWERS WHAT THEY WANT: This principle is directly tied to #3. Giving the audinc content they want which would be content of value will help you create a very successful Youtube channel. Here are ideas that consumers are looking for that do well on Youtube.
    – Questions & Answers
    – Reviews
    – Story Telling
  5. ENGAGE: As you start to create content and be consistent, you’ll see that viewers will start leaving comments. As I said in principle #2, engagement is part of the success of a video on Youtube as it’s a big signal to the algorithm. What’s key here is to engage your audience. This is a winning strategy. Make sure you are responding to comment, like comments, etc. It will start helping you build a trust & bond with your audience. Ask questions in your videos that lead to comment to engage which is a great strategy to get the conversation started.

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