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In todays landscape, it’s essential to make e-mail marketing part of your integrated 360 approach to your digital marketing strategy. I talk a lot about a 360 integrated approach to digital marketing because that’s what really makes everything come together, it’s what turns funnels into conversions. Through today, email maintains itself as the channel with the highest ROI.

Within that, e-mail may be the integral part of it all. While you may think companies have their email marketing strategy down, I would venture to say most probably don’t. Not most smaller retailers at least with make most of the landscape.

Email is what nurtures existing customers and welcomes new customers with strategy of educating and selling. It’s role is critical to todays world of marketing to consumers and brand building.

Let’s go through some key statistics that prove why email is still a dominiant channel for driving revenue and may be the king of the funnel.

1) 61% of consumers prefer to be contacted by brands via email. (Source: Statista)

Customers rather be contacted by customers by email as its a very non-invasive form of communication.

2) Email marketing yields $44 for each $1 spent, for a 4400% ROI. (Source: CampaignMonitor)

This stat tells the story of the importance and key of email marketing. By far, the highest ROI channel that can really help scale and turn campaigns into profitable ones through funneling them into emails.

3) 58% of the top 1,000 US online retailers send welcome emails. (Source: DigitalCommerce360)

This starts the relationship between yourself and customer (or potential customer) and sets the tone of what they can expect with tone of email, offerings, etc.

4) 60% of consumers say they’ve purchased as the result of an email marketing message they received. (Source: OptinMonster)

If nurtured correctly, an email is sure to convert a prospect into a customer through an email, whether its through an educational email or sales.

5) Segmented campaigns to email subscribers drive a 760% increase in revenue. (Campaign Monitor)

Segmenting is a key part of an email strategy. By segmenting customers, it allows for personalized recommendations and better targeted emails that will lead to higher conversions.

6) Transactional emails get 8x more opens and clicks than any other email campaign and make 6x the money. (Source: Experian)

A transactional email sent from one sender to one recipient, usually related to account activity or a commercial transaction. Examples include password reminder emails, purchase confirmations, and personalized product notifications.

As you can see, email marketing is an essential part of any retailers digital marketing strategy and a key driver of growth and revenue. Creating a strong email marketing strategy helps you reach and connect with your target audience in a personalized way and increase sales at an affordable cost. Just as other platforms and media have changed, email marketing tools give your business the ability to reach customers easier than ever.