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It’s not often I go down rabbit holes to try and see what solutions people are trying for certain issues, but, as you probably know, the iOS update hit marketers (and of courses businesses themselves,) in the hardest way possible…it removed about 70% of the data that feeds back into the system to allow for optimization and scale.

Now, it’s a constant way to try and find solutions to see what works best on how one goes about optimizing campaigns.

I have to preface this with I haven’t tried this strategy myself so this is speculation, BUT, it makes TOTAL sense. So, with that said, here it is.

After scouring through YouTube to find some solutions of optimization and updates, I came across a video by the Solution 8 channel, Kasmin Aslam (@kasimasland), and found this little gem that I think may very well work, at the very least, can definitely help with more data feeding back into Facebook for optimization of campaigns.

It’s ALL about the FBCLID. See how: