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The world pandemic of COVID-19 has changed pretty much everything as we know it. It has definately changed consumer behavior as the world has had to adopt to the new work-from-home / buy-from-home economy.

While the internet, or say digital, has always been the preferred method of millennials or gen-x to shop, find love, and more online, times are surely changing for everyone. This does not include the baby boomers whom have shifted their shopping behavior in the last few months as well.

The reason this is an important metric to start taking note of is because as digital marketers and business owners alike, our advertising behavior is usually targeted toward a younger audience. This shift in consumer demographic to digital could make a shift in some marketing efforts by marketers to allocate budget differently.


Estimated 62.1 of Boomers in the US Will be Digital Buyers This Year 2020

Emarketer reports, “When transacting purchases, many boomers have adopted ecommerce—though it’s yet another area where they lag behind younger adults. We estimate that 62.1% of boomers in the US will be digital buyers this year, well short of the percentages of Gen Xers and millennials.”

I’ve personally experience this shift a bit in the last few months and find it quite exciting as another demographic shifts online for marketing and scaling growth opportunities.