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15 companies will account for 72.3% of US e-commerce sales this year, (WOW) up 10.5% points from 2019, mainly due to the rapid expansion of several retailers. Etsy will make its way to the number one spot in ecommerce sales growth, with a nearly 27% increase, while Walmart will be close behind. Even though Amazon won’t break the top three, it will still see e-commerce sales rise by almost 25%.

If you think about first stat, that means that the rest of U.S. e-commerce is comprised of small to medium, well, and even large companies making up the rest of the 27.7% of sales. Think about that again for a second. The rest of the competitive landscape aside from these 15 companies make up only 27.7% to compete so it’s so important to stand out and create GREAT content to have the best chance at success at either growing your brand so people can shop through your website, or enough to get product demand and have third party channels capture that demand through sales on sites such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and others.

top 15 companies us ecommerce sales growth 2021

I think one main takeaway from these sales growth stats is you always hear about these incredible revenue numbers report and wonder how they can keep growing…well there you have it.