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U.S. E-commerce Sales By Category in 2021: Apparel & Accessories Fastest Growing Sector

By April 29, 2021No Comments

eMarketer has released a report on e-commerce sales by category in 2021. As we seem to be winding down from the pandemic, here in the United States, for now, it will be interesting how the landscape of e-commerce keeps shaping up. We know in 2020, e-commerce was at the forefront of global commerce. As the vaccines roll-out and the public starts heading out to shop again, the growth won’t be like 2020. Having said that, the increase in digital shopping adoption won’t go back.

U.S. E commerce Sales By Category in 2021

Looking at that chart, we can see the categories ranked from highest to lowest in terms of e-commerce sales, and an important metric for sure. What is most interesting, is the metric of percentage of change by category.


  1. Apparel & accessories
  2. Food & beverage
  3. Health / personal beauty / personal care
  4. Auto & parts
  5. Others
  6. Toys & hobbies
  7. Books / music / video
  8. Furniture
  9. Cosmetic & beauty
  10. Office equipment & supplies
  11. Pet products

KEY STAT: Apparel/accessories will be the fastest-growing retail ecommerce category this year, as the subsiding pandemic unleashes pent-up demand for clothing.

Pablo Palatnik

Pablo Palatnik

Pablo Palatnik is an industry veteran in e-commerce & digital marketing with over 20 years experience. He successfully built and sold businesses; he now serves as the VP of Global E-Commerce for cosmetic dermatology brand DS Laboratories. Pablo is the Founder of Etrend.com.

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