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2021 will hit the ground running in the digital space. With COVID accelerating the growth of all digital business and marketing, marketers are already looking to see where to invest marketing dollars to scale their business.

From HubSpot: “So, we hear you might be reallocating marketing funds next year. Maybe this will help. We asked marketing leaders where they plan to focus their time and money for 2021. Here are the top 5 categories.

2021 digital marketing investments by marketing executives
  1. Growth Marketing
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Design
  4. Web Development & Management
  5. Social Media Marketing

I can tell you atleast from my end, that is pretty exact as far as what I’m seeing and looking to do myself, as far as planning for growth.

WHAT IS GROWTH MARKETING? says, “Many marketers refer to themselves as “growth marketers”—but what does that term even mean? It’s an approach to attracting, engaging, and retaining customers that’s focused on relentless experimentation and an intense focus on the unique, changing motives and preferences of your customers. By building and delivering highly tailored, individualized messaging aligned to your customers needs, you’ll be able to optimize your organization’s growth rapidly through a multitude of channels, especially the ones that matter most to your customers. Let’s take a deeper look at what it means to be a growth marketer, and highlight some common opportunities where a growth marketing team can optimize the user experience.”


I will continue to spend heavily in creating content. This is within blog content and landing page content, as they serve very different purposes but both are strategies for growth.

BLOG CONTENT: Blog content is keyword based content used to drive organic growth on the SEO side. This content also plays out really well with newsletters and if it converts well, can be very useful to run as ads in social media channels as top to mid funnel traffic drivers.

LANDING PAGE CONTENT: This content is key within social media and paid search to drive top to mid funnel traffic. This won’t work for SEO as it’s thinner content created for short-term gain and this content can be A/B tested many times over.

These are two strategies, both growth and content, that I think will drive my 2021 initiatives.