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Let’s go through 10 strategies and ideas that can help you achieve your goals of getting better ROAS from your marketing efforts. Won’t bore you with the manusha. Let’s simply lay them out. While they aren’t complex ideas and ‘easy’ to execute on, it’s easy to forget to do these in a consistent, structured way.

  1. TESTING YOUR LANDING PAGE COPY: Simple. Test different ideas and copy to different segments of targeting. Testing copy to different segments can lead to much different results than having an overall landing page copy that may apply to everyone, while this can work, testing copy can go a long way moving conversion rates a few points up.

  2. FEATURE YOUR VALUE PROPOSITIONS CLEARLY AGAINST COMPETITORS: The question that can get a consumer to buy your product is very simple. “Why should I buy your product and not theirs?” If you’re not answering this in your landing page copy or highlighting it via creative, they will keep researching options.

  3. CUSTOMERS ARE TELLING YOU WHAT THEY LOVE & DON’T LOVE. USE IT: Looking through your customer reviews, using both positive and negative reviews can be a great source of inspiration for copy and highlighting features / benefits.

  4. SEGMENT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE: Segmenting as much as possible is KEY. While it may be harder post iOS, consumer messaging through different parts of the funnel / consumer journey is vastly different and can have a big impact as they think through their purchase.

  5. HEAT MAPS ACTUALLY DO GIVE YOU SOME VALUABLE INSIGHT: Using a product like CrazyEgg can help you understand how consumer interact with your website and where the action is happening. Based on this, you can take certain assumptions that can better optimize design, UX/UI.

  6. OFFERS, NOT DISCOUNTS: It may be a good idea to offer an intent-based promo to your customer. This does not mean discounting nor would I suggest you lead with a discount-based offer which lessens the value of the product. This can be a free gift with purchase, for example.

  7. TESTING DIFFERENT CONVERSION EVENTS: By testing different conversion events through analytics you can see where the drop off is to optimize and move them further along the funnel by changing the journey.

  8. EXIT SURVEY POP-UPS: Think about this stat. On average, you may be converting 1-2%. That means that 98% of people just bounce off your site. ASK THEM why and what caused them not to purchase and you can start gathering first-party data from the horses mouth to better understand pain-points.

  9. ASK YOUR CX TEAM FOR INSIGHT AND INPUT: Your customer support team is customer-facing and speaks to customers day in day out. They not only speak to customers but they are speaking to potential customers who are asking them a lot of questions. ALL the frequently asked questions they get are GREAT opportunities that can help address in the content.