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As the search giant looks to compete with Amazon anyway it can to stay on top of the internet throne, they know e-commerce is a vital play in todays world.

As we can see from even recent events, Google has really started to push its shopping component more than ever offering businesses free placement in the Google Shopping.

A few weeks later, Google is taking another step forward with offering businesses commission-free sales on its Buy On Google platform. This is just another strategy by the internet giant to try and lure more shopping behavior on its platform and see if they can take any market share away from Amazon.

While retailers have several options for driving traffic to their website with free listings or with Shopping ads, many also use Buy on Google to give shoppers a convenient way to purchase something right when they discover it. By removing our commission fees, we’re lowering the cost of doing business and making it even easier for retailers of all sizes to sell directly on Google, starting with a pilot that we’ll expand to all eligible sellers in the U.S. over the coming months. 


It’s important to note that this program is just starting to be rolled out so we’ll see how it develops and what push Google makes with Buy on Google to the place where it matters most, the consumer. While this will not really make any dent into Amazons market share, I think it’s important Google take these steps to see where they can find success with e-commerce – to be quite honest – this doesnt look like its it.

We’ve heard from retailers that they want the ability to choose their preferred services for things like payment processing, inventory, and order management. That’s why we’re opening our platform to more digital commerce providers, beginning with Shopify for inventory and order management and PayPal and Shopify for payment processing. So, if a retailer wants to sell directly on Google, they can get started even faster and continue using the tools and services that already work for their business. Or, if they’re new to selling online, they’ll be able to choose from multiple options when they sign up in our Merchant Center.


I know I’ll be doing quite a bit of testing on this to see how this program works and if there’s any preference on Buy On Google placement.

Here is a screenshot of what Buy On Google looks like in case you haven’t seen it. Go to Google -> Shopping -> Search

Buy On Google