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Most likely, you’ve experienced the challenges with the big iOS privacy changes in the ad world. Now…it’s mainstream news. It started with SNAP (Snapchat) announcing its guidance and challenges on this change and how its affected its platform, and now its news ‘everyone’ knows and can ‘better’ understand.

From Facebook to Google, everyone has been affected from the reliance of its data that advertisers leverage for better targeting, driving performance, therefore, able to scale their advertising in these channels. Now, this has all changed, for the foreseeable future. However, there is one heavyweight that hasn’t been affected by this and I believe can actually benefit in the near future, that is AMAZON.


To win the future, it’s all about first party data. Amazon really wins the first party data game, I just don’t think it uses it to it’s full potential…but at some point it will

With so many opportunities, there is one that Amazon hasn’t tapped into. That is Amazon POSTS (learn more here.)

Amazon posts

In March 2021, I wrote an article titled, “What are Amazon Posts & why I think it will be the next big thing.” Now, I have an even stronger case use why this channel can be very big for Amazon. With all the first party data it gathers from its millions of customers, shopping behavior, it will be able to use really good targeting for advertisers to target their potential buyer all within platform.

Once it comes out of BETA, hopefully it will let advertisers sponsor posts. This should allow for a new bigger avenue for Amazon ads.

amazon posts for ecommerce

We’ll see how this develops in the next few months and how e-commerce brands may depend more on the Amazon channel to find new customers as the iOS issues for targeting and tracking get sorted out by big data and the biggest advertisers.