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It’s incredible how a platform can dominate in such a few short years in regards to reach. TikTok was launched in 2016 but really started to drive usage in 2017. 5 years later, it’s become to go-to for creators and marketers alike to market and sell products. The way in which content creation is also developed massively changed the game too, right? Marketing on TikTok is very native to that platform as it became a new form of content creation. It’s all about sounds, graphics, etc. Not too surprising if you’ve followed Chinese content creators the last few years and be it that TikTok is a Chinese company, that trend now followed here.

Not only was last year flipped on its head with the iOS privacy rollout that made many marketers rethink their paid media strategy, but there has been this shift in rethinking what platform to put more effort in as to where your audience is either for more reach, better cpms, etc. Come TikTok.

social platforms used by marketers for influencer marketing

eMarketer reports the following:

  • In 2020, 36.0% of US marketers used TikTok for influencer marketing, a 33% growth from the prior year. That number rose slightly to 42.0% in 2021 and will continue to rise to the end of our forecast in 2025, as TikTok continues to close the gap with Facebook for influencer marketing use.
  • Only Instagram and Facebook beat out TikTok’s popularity among influencer marketers. More marketers plan to use TikTok than YouTube, Twitter, or Snapchat in 2022.
  • While brands are still pinpointing their TikTok marketing strategies, the app is popular for use on an experimental basis, in combination with campaigns on more stable platforms like Instagram and Facebook.


Like any other marketing channel, it CAN be. There’s not much difference between one channel than the other except really understand the content your target audience will resonate with. The most important factor is creating engaging content both on the influencer front and the branding front; both go hand in hand. Like Instagram and Facebook before it, TikTok more than any other channel allows for sales and brand building through story telling of video mostly through influencer marketing for a wider reach, but also in your own brand account.

In order for TikTok to be an effective channel for your business/brand, you must have a strategy that encompasses story telling with the influencer factors of the brand. Meaning, a few influencer videos won’t do much (unless it has a virality effect and not at true scale,) without some of the key fundamental marketing components attached to it, with an overall marketing strategy.

TOPLINE VIEW: The platform is growing rapidly with 1 billion monthly active users as of September 2021 making it a good place for engagement and reaching out to a large audience. Outside of China, TikTok’s largest markets are the US, Indonesia and Brazil.

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