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Neil Patel is known as one of the leading digital marketers in the industry. He is the founder KISSmetrics, CrazyEgg, as well as helped many large to small companies around the world grow and scale their businesses.

Neil is known for putting out great, FREE content. His content strategy has really led to a really large following which has really created the Neil Patel brand.

One of his last great pieces of content is the e-commerce unlocked course he’s put together that’s available on YouTube.

This course is segmented through a few modules that are really for beginners to mid-level students seeking to educate more on e-commerce and digital marketing. These modules are short segments and very easy to follow.

This great course should be given to most e-commerce teams with new team members who are new to the industry and just starting to get their feet wet. Even for some veterans, theres always good refreshers but I would say it’s definitely most value to those seeking to really have a good and basic understanding of e-commerce.

Here is the introduction to the course:

Follow the rest of the course through this link here.