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Alright, so this sounds like a post I wrote recently called, “The Best Facebook Tool to Spy On Competitors and Get Ideas No One Talks About.” But, I came across this tool and for me at least, it’s been a goldmine of ideas and just a very efficient tool to use.

Maybe you heard of it, maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t, I guarantee you’ll click on the link to it and start checking it out.

The tool I’m talking about is


Milled is a search engine for newsletters. Yes, newsletters. It’s actually for consumers to search for newsletters of brands they love and want to follow but have an interesting model.

“E-Commerce shops love to send emails to their customers. They tell them what’s hot first, and give them their best deals. And we love them for that!

But we also know what it’s like to have dozens of emails each morning. There’s a great deal in there somewhere, but you’re just not ready to shop right now.

Milled lets you shop on your own terms.”

Screen Shot 2020 08 20 at 8.17.24 PM

Their traffic is quite impressive. The way they are able to score so much traffic is from organic search as they are indexed for thousands of brands of newsletters, it’s quite an impressive and smart strategy (good going there Milled team.)


Start by looking at your competition by entering their name in the search box. From there, it will populate their recent newsletters by date.

This is by no means ground breaking stuff here as you can of course subscribe to your competitions newsletters and you should. However, it’s been my experience that I haven’t always received all newsletters sent by companies.

This is a very easy, effecient tool to see what they are doing and get ideas for things you can or should be doing to stay competitive that you may not have thought about.

Let’s say you sell pets supplies and want to see what type of offers is doing or what their mailers look like, simply type in Chewy and it will serve you a good amount of their mailers.

Screen Shot 2020 08 20 at 8.27.40 PM

Furthermore, where it gets really good is you can easily and efficiently see what other brands in other niches are doing to take ideas from other spaces that may be working well.

I’ve found this tool quite useful in the last few days and would strongly recommend to give it a look.