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I won’t make this post long. I won’t bullshit you with fluff to make this blog post seems long to seem very thoughtful. Let’s face it, in the last few months, Apple has turned the marketing world upside down with one change.

OH F%^K! SERIOUSLY? Do you really care if your favorite sneaker brand is serving you an ad on Instagram because you went to their website??? F&*K! Maybe you do…but this just changed everything. And the victim…No, it’s not poor Facebook or Snapchat…it’s small to medium size businesses that are getting priced out by larger companies with bigger budgets.

apple change privacy marketing ios14

Facebook is too busy building the Metaverse. Nonetheless, you have to think they will work on some solution in the foreseeable future.

And honestly, this this changed has affected EVERYONE. So, while we’ve had some time to take this in, and try to read every article about what solutions and fixes there are, what your favorite marketer is saying on Youtube that can work, the fact is…there’s no real solution to this. Aside from the very basic patches Facebook has recommended and some technical patches like server-side tagging, start understanding this is the current new state and reality of digital marketing.

Whose going to win in this environment? I’ll tell you who. Those who ADAPT. Those who are actual marketers and have done it PRE-era of hyper targeting that let an algo do a lot of the work in finding customers without much effort into good copy, creative, etc.

Good creative always wins. Good messaging always wins. Good storytelling always wins. Good product and service always wins.

This presents a challenge, but also an opportunity.