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This may not seem like any news you may care about, but if you haven’t been living under a rock in the last year, TikTok has really been making noise as a social network and becoming (has become,) a legit contender in the social media space.

While you’re still honed in on Instagram as the social platform of choice to brand and sell your product, as you probably still should unless your a larger company, there is no doubt you should start taking a look at TikTok and how to leverage that platform.

With its enormous audience size, specially on the younger side which are those that will make a bigger dent in the e-commerce space in the years to come, TikTok has moved into e-commerce by partnering with Shopify.

As Gadet 360 reports, “Canadian e-commerce platform Shopify said Tuesday it’s made a deal with TikTok enabling merchants to create “shoppable” video ads that drive customers to online stores.

The partnership was announced Tuesday amid stalled negotiations for Walmart to buy a 7.5 percent stake in the video app. Walmart’s planned investment is part of a government-forced deal that would rescue TikTok from a threatened ban by President Donald Trump and advance Walmart’s ambitions for the world of “social commerce.”

“If you’re watching a TikTok video and somebody’s got a piece of apparel or an item on it that you really like, what if you could just quickly purchase that item?” Walmart CEO Doug McMillon told CNBC earlier this month. “That’s what we’re seeing happen in countries around the world. And it’s intriguing to us, and we would like to be part of it.”