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Social commerce isn’t going anywhere. While iOS has presented some serious challenges, eMarketer estimates. “As influencer marketing moves further down the purchase funnel, brands will have to add more nano- and micro-influencers to their rosters to meet demand and their sales goals. Why? There are only so many Kardashian-Jenners out there—and only so many brands that can afford them.” 25% growth is a BIG number in terms of growth.

In our recent article, “The Rise of the Nano & Micro Influencer in 2022,” we outline the opportunities within this growing digital strategy for brands to capitalize on going into next year.

As the creator economy itself keeps growing, this will give brands more opportunities and options to work with everyday people that reach everyday consumers to market their brands. The Creator market, which is combined with an influencer marketing industry size of $13.8 billion in 2021, and hundreds of new startups, brings the total Creator market to a size over $104.2 billion and is increasing daily.

More than 50 million people worldwide consider themselves to be creators. 90% of US marketers said they wanted to work with influencers with between 5,000 and 100,000 followers this year. (eMarketer) and many more are wanting to work with nanoinfluencers below 5,000 which have more trust and engagement with their following.

One of the aspect of social shopping I believe will rise within the next year will be live shopping from microinfluencers. They will work with brands to shop directly from their social platforms as these platforms develop more tools for live shopping to exist within the native platform to cause seamless shopping. Exactly one year ago, Shopify talked about live shopping as the future of e-Commerce.

Consumers, going into 2022, are still going to use social media popular channels such as Instagram and TikTok to discovery products, engage with their favorite brands, and follow influencers from nano to mega influencers. Get on it.

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