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It’s a big number, and you should take notice. Social media is or has been the new word of mouth and an incredible platform for brands to position themselves.

The impact that marketing aggressively on social media platforms has on DTC brands has been incredible for growth. Of course, this all depends on making sure you are selling a quality product that users like and have a good experience with.

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From this eMarketer chart, we see that 48.8% of users are more likely to purchase from a brand in the future if they see a positive perception of a brand in social media.

Note for Data Methology: Data is from the March 2019 Toluna “D2C Survey.” 2,011 US internet users ages 18+ were surveyed online during March 9-10, 2019. Internet users identified as female (63.5%) and male (36.5%). Internet users identified their ages as 18-34 (24.6%), 35-54 (39.4%) and 55+ (36%).

While the data set may be small, we can see it’s a significant number to look at and makes sense, right? I’ve seen it first hand, the positive sentiment and comments from users can really make the difference between a successful campaign and a complete fail in social. I’ve seen this through comments without much moderation where users are asking each other about results with the product, experience, and other questions that positive responses lead others to purchase.

When I say moderation, I mean that there is also a lot of nonsense on social media from users commenting on brands and products they haven’t tried but from pure speculation. This has posed a problem for brands and marketers alike so it is important to moderate that side of it.

It’s also important to stay as honest as you can with moderating comments and feedback from customers. Ultimately, they can help you build a better product and better brand.

Responding to negative comments and feedback while leaving it visible to other users can also go a long way and I would recommend that strategy.

MY TIP: Run ads on Facebook / Instagram to fans and likes of your page (who already engaged with your brand and most likely have a positive outlook of it,) ask a question about your best selling product or experience with it, and sponsor that post to fans of your brand and retarget visitors of your page with that post 😉