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It’s a favorite topic of mine and There is so much information (and misinformation,) to digest that this has been the best source of context and information, in my opinion.

Co-hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam continue their conversation with Ben Pang, Software and Attribution Product Manager at Tier 11. Kasim explains his Facebook Traffic Hack, and Ben shares his thoughts on it. The show gets technical, but even non-techy people need a fundamental understanding of the technical side this stuff if they want to stay in the digital advertising game. And, like Ralph says, “Ben dummy-proofed the narrative” so it makes sense to all of us.


> Who thinks Facebook is 100% compliant with iOS requirements (and who doesn’t)

> Valid concerns about Facebook’s Conversions API Gateway

> What you need to know about the Facebook pixel

> How to hack the system without getting in trouble

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I strongly recommend to check out the article linked above as it’s what’s discussed in the podcast and probably the best ‘solution’ to anything that’s put out there as far as getting more data back into the Facebook platform for marketers and businesses to test and get better results from its data quality and targeting.

Part 2 of the discussion (above,) is the more in-depth detailed discussion, but below is the first part of the podcast which I recommend checking out as well.