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“Make sure you’re writing very long content as that’s what Google likes to see.” You’ve probably heard this 100 times from SEOs and content managers over the last 2-4 years. Sure, it’s true. Long form content is extremely important when it comes to providing great value to readers and by the stats, Google tends to favor long form content within competitive keywords. However, there is a place, and a good one, for short form content within a content strategy.

To be honest, short form content is the most digestible form of content in 2020. The consumer is bombarded with content from brands 24/7 on every platform. Attention span is getting lower and lower and short form content is what can really make a big difference in keeping that attention. On the flip side, long form content may provide more value to those seeking to dive deep into a subject they may be researching to gain more knowledge of.

If you are building a content strategy, which you should of course, you should have a mix of both. Both are equally important in different platforms and for different reasons.


  • Considered 1,200 words or more
  • Best for SEO targeted strategy for organic traffic
  • Used to dive deep into any subject / topic that delivers real value
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Source: @semrush


  • Considered less than 1,200 words
  • Best for social media platforms with typical low attention span
  • Short form content can be considered anything from an image to 140 character tweet
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Source: @semrush

A solid content marketing strategy is a mix of both long-form content along with short-form content. For content ideas and building traffic funnels through content, check out the following: The 3 Stages Of Content Marketing Funnels: Stats & Guide