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SEMRush put out another great small infographic that shows a funnel into purchase. Let’s discuss point x point. When talking about funnels, we wrote about the 3 stages of content marketing funnels which is very important and plays very much into this funnel as well as it directly correlates with the purchase funnel.

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To reach new audiences located on different mediums, breathe new life into long-forgotten content, and maximize the potential of your content efforts, use @garyvee “reverse pyramid” model:

👉 Create ‘pillar content’ (or choose an existing one)—a long-form comprehensive piece covering a particular topic that resonates with your audience;
👉 Turn this extended piece into short-form assets of various formats, like videos, shorter blog posts, infographics, and more;
👉 Distribute all of the assets across relevant platforms – from social media to Quora answers.

Screen Shot 2021 01 06 at 7.49.45 PM


This is as top of funnel as it gets and extremely important for growth. Search is a great place for awareness and I would say every social media channel is a great place to start building awareness.

Currently the top places to build awareness at scale:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • YouTube


Interest gets you further down the purchase funnel with a great opportunity to showcase more targeted content to a specific audience. I think one very important channel that was left out of the purchase funnel chart by SEMRush is REDDIT. This is a great place where threads on topics are of high interest and a great place to promote content related to that specific topic.


In the desire stage, you’re ready to go deeper into the purchase funnel. As pointed out by SEMRUSH, Pinterest is a great example of a more desire driven platform.


In this part of the funnel, email personalization and retargeting strategies will yield conversion results.