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Facebook is ‘always’ seemingly under scrutiny from both consumers and government. Through various privacy issues to the capitol riot that happened early in 2021′, the company is trying to see how it can better serve its network better, therefore, starting to undergo some algorithm test. These test usually mean a change in ranking signals, which as businesses, usually tend to affect most of us.

Let’s start with the current test being rolled out.

Facebook will be looking to learn which content people find inspirational, what content they want to see less of (like politics), and what other topics they’re generally interested in, among other things.

facebook algorithm test
Source: Facebook

As you can see, this specific example is based on inspiration asking the user how much they were inspired by the content presented to them.

Facebook is working toward more personalization of the new feed. As its algorithm, along other signals, shows you content of pages you like, people you’re close to, it wants to learn more about your thoughts on the content itself.

As TechCruch reports, “Now, the company says it will work to better understand what content is being linked to negative News Feed experiences, including political content. In this case, Facebook may ask users on posts with a lot of negative reactions what sort of content they want to see less of. This will be done through surveys on certain posts as well as through ongoing research sessions where people are invited to talk about their News Feed experience, Facebook told TechCrunch.

It will also more prominently feature the option to hide posts you find “irrelevant, problematic or irritating.” Although this feature existed before, you’ll now be able to tap an X in the upper-right corner of a post to hide it from the News Feed, if in the test group, and see fewer like it in the future, for a more personalized experience.”

facebook ranking signals 2