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Must-Have Digital Marketing Tools to Help You Scale

Over the years we have tested thousands of tools. Just because they don't work out the first time or we didn't have a use for them, many have evolved which we then have retested for use within our own accounts. Some are free, some aren't... Either way these tools will dramatically help improve your digital marketing and e-commerce efforts.

Google Shopping Insights

It's estimated 87% of shopping research happens online, yet 92% of goods are still purchased in stores. Google Shopping Insights helps you understand what products are rising in popularity in your area and use that insight to help plan local campaigns. Explore trends by time, city, and device.

Facebook Ad Library

This competitor insights tools, allows you to see which ads the competition has ran in the past and is currently running. This builds on Facebooks promise to increase transparency for advertisers. It's valuable to see what ads your competitors are using, how long they have been running and how much has been spent.